Selecting the right bathroom partitioning material for your commercial premises

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The interior finish of construction should be of high standards for long service. Different places have several methods of finishing. You cannot compare the interior of a private home to that of a commercial area. The various parts of a building’s interior include the rooms, kitchen,, and washrooms. Bathrooms are important because they are places people go to relieve themselves. Public areas have more restrooms because of the number of people who visit. Examples of these places include schools, offices, hospitals among others. They are partitioned to give room for privacy. There are several materials used in bathroom partitioning which you can get from your nearest hardware.

Some of the materials used in partitioning include plastic, powder steel, phenolic core, and stainless steel. Plastic laminated002 materials can be used in many places. They are good in water spaces because of their water-resistant materials. Stainless steel bring about that classy and elegant appearance. They are mostly used in high-end areas not frequented in most occasions. The phenolic core is made from layers of papers which are compressed in a phenolic plastic. This material is expensive because of its coating. You should go for the right stuff to serve you. There are some things you should consider when selecting the right material to partition your washrooms. They include.

Type of users

You should look at the type of people who frequent the washrooms of your premise before bathroom partitioning material. Places used by kids are prone to damage because of their playful nature. They also live drawing graffitis and writing on the wall. Pick a stuff that does not wear out and can be cleaned easily.


comfort roomChoose a durable material that will serve you long. There are different materials used for partitioning. Plastic partitions are suitable for wet areas because of their water-resistant nature. Stainless steel can also last long but is ideal for less frequented areas. The phenolic core is the best because it does not wear out quickly and serves you for long.


These materials come with different price tags. Their rates may differ because of their quality and cost of production. You can compare prices in different hardware shops and buy from the one who is selling it reasonably. Do not let their attractive price distract you from buying a quality item.