What You Need to Know About Dormers

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Most people either know very little or nothing about dormers. You might be surprised to realize that only a handful of people know the benefits of installing dormers at home. However, most homeowners are coming to terms with the fact that dormers are not just meant for aesthetics, but offer a lot more functional benefits.

Types of Dormers

Gable – A gable dormer is primarily used togable dormer shelter the window by allowing rainwater to pour on the sides. Gables are among the most common types of dormers, thanks to their simplicity. They are also among the best additions when it comes to creating vertical headroom.

Sheds – Shed dormers are installed to enhance the illumination properties of your home. In some cases, these type of dormers can extend to the entire length of the home. Shed dormers also double up as a secondary storage.

Eyebrow Dormer – This type of dormers are shaped like a half circle or a triangle. Eyebrow dormers are an ideal addition when it comes to making an architectural statement. Their curved shape makes them somewhat technical or hard to install than other dormers.

Segmental Dormers – A segmental dormer can also be described as an arched roof dormer. It is necessarily a dormer than projects on the roof as a rectilinear structure.

Why You Need a Dormer?

One of the main reasons to install a dormer is to improve indoor lighting. Eyebrow dormers are known to offer fantastic illumination properties. Thus, if you need to add more light into the house, you should start thinking about adding a dormer.

If you need to create additional space without doing a massive overhaul on your house, a dormer can help you realize this objective. Having a dormer on your roof lets you create more space on your attic. Adding a dormer increases the usable area of your home to about half a room.

curved dormarAnother reason to install a dormer into your home is that it enhances your curb appeal. Installing a dormer that complements vital architectural elements goes a long way in igniting interest, making it easier to sell your home and even possibly making it fetch higher market prices.

Each dormer design offers unique benefits to the occupants of a home where it is installed. If you are planning to add a dormer into your home, irrespective of the type of dormer, Family Dormers of Hicksville, NY can help achieve what you want.