An introduction to door access control systems

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Access controls provide all authorized individuals with safe and secure access to their businesses. This ranges from electronic keypads which remain secure from large single doors to other networks systems in multiple buildings. The access systems will simplify the management of the facility without having to replace old or lost keys that were used by employees that were terminated. To get the security debate right, here are two questions we must ponder over;

What purpose does the access door serve?

Always begin by figuring out what purpose the access control the system aims to serve. The basic aim of access control systems is to prevent anyone with unauthorized access from gaining access to sensitive areas. This can be the garage, front door, server rooms, among other personnel records. With access control systems you can track employee movements in and out to various spaces. Another area of concern we must consider is how safe do you want your access systems to be. A basic system will require the employee to use a swipe card or keypad. There are several high-security applications which require multiple forms of identification. This can be a thumb print or a card. Finally, there are other considerations one must look at when opting for a suitable access control system. Good examples are CCTV systems and monitored alarm systems.


What kind of access to do you want in your business?

Once you understand the role of access control systems, consider the doors which you need to be secured. Fitting smaller installations requires a server room and an electronic keypad. This is the simplest form of business access control systems. It is not necessary to lock all doors with this technology; you can have some doors locked and hand over the keys to specific personnel. Before you purchase a security system for your business, it is important to plan adequately so that there is room for expansion. The best way to navigate through this is by getting assistance from New Orleans door access control security experts. As soon as you figure out the types of doors to be secured, collect information on each of their physical makeup and the impact on the doors in use. Here are other questions to consider when framing your thinking. The questions look at what doors are best used by customers. Are these doors made of glass, aluminum or steel? Are they designed as fire doors? Do you want to control the parking lot and garage doors too?

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Controlled and free exit systems

It is important to note the distinction between the controlled and free exit systems. In the free exit system, there are no requirements mandated when leaving a secure area. On the other hand, the controlled exit system requires one to use the same security system when traveling in either direction. An employee is compelled to enter the right codes or wave their cards to be gained permission of exiting the secure area. According to the legal code, the access control systems have to be designed in a way that allows the users with exit privileges when there is a power outage.