Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

insulated home

Most homeowners today are considering insulating their homes with spray foam. Spray foam is a cost-effective, flexible, sustainable, and energy efficient option of insulating buildings where it is used. Spray foam offers a broad spectrum of insulation benefits when installed on any residential living space.

What is Spray Foam?

Spray polyurethane foam also known as SPF is a foam of spray foam contractorsplastic sprayed on interior surfaces to enhance their insulation properties. Upon spraying, SPF expands to create an insulating barrier. This makes it a reliable option as far as sealing corners, gaps in walls, and covering contoured surfaces is concerned. With a low density and flexible usage options, it is an excellent addition to any home.

Why Spray Foam?

With the variety of home insulation option, you might be tempted to question the benefits of spray foam over traditional insulation options. Its unique properties make it a preferred choice especially when it comes to sealing cracks and a small opening that let air in and out of your home. This benefit has a potential of helping you save lots of money as far as energy costs are concerned.

Another good reason to insulate your home using spray foam is to protect it from water damage. This foam forms a superior weather barrier, which protects the building from condensation that has been shown to cause water damage. This is a good way of keeping your family and valuables safe from water damage and the effects of mold growth.

Spray foam contributes greatly to the structural integrity of your home. This is attributed to the fact that it is sprayed on the walls thus making them stronger. Another additional benefit of adding spray foam is that it also forms an effective sound barrier. Combined, these two benefits extend the life of your home and increase its value.

Having spray foam on your walls is a good way to increase the effectiveness of the air conditioning unit. This plastic creates a completely sealed shell that prevents free movement of air in and out, thus reducing your spending on utility bills.

Building With Spray Foam

Many contractors should be in a position to help you with spray foam installation. Trustworthy insulation service – Star Spray Foam recommends using builders who incorporate energy spray during the construction process. The benefits of adding spray foam outweigh the additional costs associated with this investment.